Samstag Shop presents limited edition of Artist’s T-Shirts on the occasion of Europride 2019

On the occasion of Europride 2019, the largest LGBT event in Europe, Samstag Shop presents a limited edition of elaborately produced artist T-shirts. Since its founding in 2010, the Samstag Shop has established itself as a space for queer art and fashion.

Presenting exhibitions, performances and projects at the interface between fashion and art in the shop is an important aspect of the Samstag-philosophy. Thirteen artists working in Vienna, who have been part of the Samstag-Shop family for years, were invited to design a T-shirt on the occasion of the Europride 2019 and the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots.

Peter Holzinger, owner of the Samstag Shop, found the inspiration for this project on a trip to San Francisco last summer. The activist T-shirts with their clear political slogans on display at the GLBT Historical Society Museum in San Francisco kept coming back into his mind long after his return to Vienna. The insights he got into the history, the fights and the achievements of the LGBTIQ scene in San Franscisco finally gave him the idea of working with artist friends on a project for the Europride 2019. The resulting Samstag Shop x Pride 2019 Limited Editioncelebrates the diversity of queer identities in elaborate production and design and honours the unity and sense of community of the LGBTIQ community in the fight for the recognition of our rights and our culture.

Ashley Hans Scheirl – Gabriele Fulterer & Christine Scherrer – Heti Prack – House of the Very Island’s / Karin Krapfenbauer & Markus Pires Mata- Jakob Lena Knebl  –Salvatore Viviano – Siggi Hofer – superated / Peter Holzinger und andere