presenting nu samstag shop sign, nu windows, nu art Local conditions, historic references, space proportions and atmosphere represent the starting point of the artist duo Gabriele Fulterer (Academy of Fine Arts, Bruno Gironcoli) and Christine Scherrer (Die Angewandte.University of Applied Arts, I.Strobl, Erwin Wurm). Project work starts with predetermined premises in which questions of identity, sexuality etc. are played trough. At the same time restrictions on so called exhibition rooms via incorporation of our anthroposphere or urban space become abolished.

In each work arises a close interdependency between the individual and space – the displaced figures act in space, react upon it, try to approach it, escape it… the space constant contains sources of danger, demands and reductions.

Thus „space“ can never be understood as an exhibition room only; in t area of conflict between the respective environmental situation and the production shown, it becomes possible to conceive the predetermined premises in their function e.g.: as urban space, expansion space, sexual space, or spiritual space.

„A ball is the very word for: whatever you want to be you be. You can become anything and do anything right here right now“ (Paris is burning)